September 23

MT4 Email All Symbol Information

A script for Metatrader 4 that emails all symbol information so you don't have to check each symbol one by one

Please Note

I created these tools for my own personal use and for a trading community I was a member of. As I’m giving these tools away for free I cannot offer support and I’m not customising them for other peoples needs/wants.

I hope you find these mt4 tools useful, if not they are free and costed you nothing.

Installation Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to install this script:

  1. Save the Download file above.
  2. Open the zip file then copy the script.
  3. Open MT4 then go to the ‘File’ menu then ‘Open Data Folder’.
  4. Go into the ‘MQL4’ folder then the ‘Scripts’ folder.
  5. Paste the script into the ‘Scripts’ folder.
  6. Close MT4 then open it again.
  7. Press CTRL + N to open the Navigator window.
  8. Browse to the scripts section then drag the script onto your chart.

Tip: You can right click the script in the Navigator window and click ‘Select hotkey’ to set a keyboard shortcut for running the script.


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